11 Best Organic Makeup Brands

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As we are all aware the fashion and beauty industry is a huge producer of waste and environmental harm. With that in mind, as the environmentally conscious person you are, here are 11 of the best organic makeup brands for a naturally beautiful you.

11 Best Organic Makeup Brands

11 Best Organic Makeup Brands

Let us waste no time in making your beauty routine more sustainable. We will do that by diving straight into the 11 best organic makeup brands in the world today.

1 – ILIA

Top-tier makeup brands seamlessly merge natural, potent ingredients with enriching vitamins and oils. ILIA takes this approach to the next level. Crafting formulas from scratch, this natural cosmetic line ensures that your makeup is as clean as possible. Moreover, ILIA is unwavering in its commitment to sustainability and ethics throughout the entire production process. The versatility of the multi-purpose sticks, ideal for travel, and the thoughtfully curated makeup collection are highlights. For an in-depth review, check out our assessment of ILIA’s Super Serum Skin Tint here.

Ideal For: Versatile sticks, serum foundations

Formulation: Comprising natural and USDA-certified organic elements, along with safe synthetics

Pricing: Ranges from $24 (eye primer) to $54 (foundation)

Check out the ILIA product range by clicking here.

2 – Well People

If achieving the ideal no-makeup look is your goal, Well People is the go-to brand. This cruelty-free and natural cosmetics collection is formulated to nurture and calm your skin, providing the desired color and coverage. Additionally, the line features numerous vegan products that we cherish. The versatility and affordability of Well People’s handcrafted cosmetics are noteworthy, especially with over 35 products being EWG-verified. (You can discover Well People in major drugstores!)

Perfect For: Streamlined makeup looks

Ingredients: Incorporates natural and plant-based components

Price Range: Varied, starting from $10 (mini mascara) to $30 (moisturizer with SPF)

Check out the Well People product range by clicking here.

3 – RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty has earned its acclaim in the beauty industry, and its distinction is evident. Anyone familiar with this brand will undoubtedly already know why it is one of the best organic makeup brands. The brand’s cosmetic line is crafted with raw, food-grade, and organic ingredients designed to moisturize and illuminate your skin, enhancing and improving your natural complexion. RMS is committed to revolutionizing the makeup experience, formulating products that are not only free from toxins and GMOs but also possess healing and nourishing properties.

Optimal For: Concealing and highlighting

Natural & Organic: Composed of natural, food-grade, and organic ingredients

Price Range: Extends from $15 (mascara) to $58 (cover-up foundation)

Check out the range of RMS beauty products by clicking here.

4 – Jones Road

Makeup trailblazer Bobbi Brown introduced Jones Road just four years after departing from her eponymous company. The brand emerged from Brown’s quest for makeup products that seamlessly blend cleanliness with high-performance, refusing to compromise one for the other. Jones Road steps into this market void with its collection of versatile, easy-to-use products suitable for achieving a spectrum of looks—from a natural, no-makeup appearance to a strikingly dramatic, ultra-glamorous one. Adhering to even more stringent guidelines than the E.U.’s, the meticulously curated assortment of balms, sticks, and creams represents the pinnacle of impactful clean beauty. Explore our comprehensive Jones Road review for more insights.

Specializes In: Miracle balm

Composition: Utilizes clean, safe ingredients, free from phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, PEGs, cyclic silicones, EDTA, or BPA

Price Range: Starts at $18 (lip balm) and goes up to $44 (foundation)

Check out the range of Jones Road products by clicking here.

5 – 100% Pure

100% Pure aspires to craft the world’s purest range of all-natural cosmetics, beauty items, and skincare. The brand’s vegan cosmetics are developed with potent antioxidants, naturally-occurring vitamins, and essential oils, ensuring your skin receives optimal benefits. Beyond cosmetics, the brand extends its commitment to nontoxic beauty with offerings like soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Combining affordability, safety, and stunning results, 100% Pure caters to a comprehensive and health-conscious beauty routine.

Known For: Fruit-pigmented lip and cheek tint

Ingredients: Naturally pigmented and nontoxic components

Pricing: Varies between $8 (lip balm) and $55 (palette)

Check out the 100% product range by clicking here.

6 – Kosas

Kosas endeavors to revolutionize our beauty rituals with purposeful formulas. Established by a dedicated chemist committed to crafting clean and high-quality cosmetics—void of 2,700 harmful ingredients—the brand’s natural beauty assortment brims with enriching botanical components. Standout features include the ability to achieve dimensional colors with their cream blush duos and the inclusive range of shades offered in their skin-improving foundation.

Recognized For: Cream blush and highlighter duos, lipsticks, and glosses

Natural & Organic: Crafted from botanical formulas and safe synthetics

Cost Range: Begins at $15 (eyeshadow) and reaches up to $42 (skin-improving foundation)

Check out the Kosas product range by clicking here.

7 – Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty specializes in crafting organic and natural skincare, along with clinically validated, plant-pigmented cosmetics that emanate vibrancy. Committed to ethical practices, all products from this brand are both vegan and cruelty-free. Juice Beauty takes pride in utilizing sustainable energy sources for its production processes. Additionally, the entirety of its product line is USDA-certified organic, ensuring that you can confidently embrace the goodness of what you apply to your skin.

Specialty: Tinted moisturizer

Natural & Organic: Contains natural and USDA-certified organic elements

Pricing: Ranges from $12 (lip moisturizer) to $40 (CC cream)

8 – Alima Pure

Alima Pure crafts its products with the utmost care, utilizing the purest ingredients to deliver optimal results. This natural makeup brand stands firm in its commitment to cruelty-free practices, abstaining from the use of synthetic dyes and animal testing. As a B Corp, Alima Pure annually contributes to green initiatives and proudly maintains a fully carbon-free status. The brand’s admiration extends to its diverse range of shades, showcasing a team devoted to making natural and organic beauty accessible. If you’re hesitant to commit to their renowned powder foundation, consider trying a sample first!

Top Picks: Powder foundations and primers

Natural & Organic: Features natural, nontoxic ingredients

Price Range: Starts at $18 (eyeshadow) and peaks at $48 (liquid primer)

Check out the Alima Pure product range by clicking here.

9 – Merit Beauty

Merit provides precisely what is essential—nothing more, nothing less. This beauty brand, situated in Los Angeles, presents a thoughtfully curated selection of “well-edited essentials,” featuring items like a lengthening mascara and highlighting balm. Notably, these products are free from over 1,400 potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, Merit takes pride in offering formulas enriched with skin-loving components, including plant-based squalane, vitamin B5, kaolin clay, and sea daffodil extract. The brand’s commitment extends to sustainable practices, utilizing recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable packaging for shipments. Additionally, Merit actively engages in volunteering, donations, and support for the nonprofit Baby2Baby.

Preferred For: Minimalist makeup

Natural & Organic: Comprising clean and EU-compliant ingredients

Price Range: Varies from $24 (lip oil) to $38 (complexion stick)

Check out the Merit Beauty range by clicking here.

10 – Burt’s Bees

Established in 1984, Burt’s Bees has been crafting environmentally conscious personal care items for more than three decades, maintaining that same commitment in its makeup line. The formulations for eyes, lips, and face incorporate responsibly obtained ingredients such as safflower seed oil, honey, and bamboo. Burt’s Bees incorporates a percentage of PCR material in the packaging of all its products. The brand holds Carbon Neutral certification, and true to its name, the foundation named after it actively promotes honeybee health and biodiversity. Through grants, it has contributed over $3.5 million to these causes.

Best For: Budget-friendly makeup

Natural & Organic: Formulated with natural ingredients and cruelty-free beeswax

Pricing: Starts at $5 (tinted lip balm) and goes up to $17 (powder foundation)

Check out the Burt’s Bees product range by clicking here.

11 – Erin’s Faces

Named after its creator, a former makeup artist, Erin’s Faces is dedicated to fostering empowerment, education, and inclusivity. Situated in New Jersey, this skincare and mineral makeup brand specializes in producing paraben-free necessities. Among its offerings are mascara crafted with organic matcha, lip gloss formulated with organic strawberries, and a versatile cream functioning as tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, and antioxidant lotion. Additionally, a portion of Erin’s Faces sales contributes to nonprofits such as One Tree Planted and the Trevor Project. Face the day with ease.

Recommended For: Mineral makeup

Natural & Organic: Contains organic and petroleum-free ingredients

Cost Range: Extends from $5 (lip balm) to $44 (foundation)

Check out more sustainable beauty here.

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