Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta Georgia

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Welcome to our in-depth and detailed guide to the very best thrift stores in Atlanta Georgia. If you love thrifting you will certainly get you fix at these most popular shops in the area.

Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta Georgia

Best Thrift Stores in Atlanta

In the vibrant city of Atlanta, where culture and innovation thrive, an exciting world of thrift store discoveries awaits. Atlanta’s thrift stores offer more than just shopping; they provide a unique blend of second-hand marvels for every type of bargain hunter. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or just starting your thrifting journey, we invite you to join us as we uncover the best thrift stores Atlanta has to offer. From Junkman’s Daughter, known for its offbeat charm, to Second Life Upscale Resale, which supports pet adoption, each store has its own distinctive character and treasures to share. So, grab your reusable bags and join us on a sustainable and budget-conscious shopping adventure in the heart of Atlanta.

1. Junkman’s Daughter: A Thrift Shop Atlanta Icon

If you’re an Atlantan, chances are you’ve heard of Junkman’s Daughter. This store’s unique storefront and eclectic collection make it a top choice for thrift enthusiasts. Inside, you’ll find a vibrant space filled with apparel, collectibles, retro items, books, music, and more. Looking for bubblegum pink knee-high platform boots? Junkman’s Daughter has you covered. They also excel in costume pieces for Halloween, themed parties, or cosplay. You can find this treasure trove in Little Five Points.

2. Second Life Upscale Resale: Thrifting with a Purpose

Second Life Upscale Resale isn’t just a thrift store; it’s the face of the Second Life organization—a nonprofit dedicated to promoting pet adoption and responsible pet education. Their mission has raised over $2 million for animals in need. This animal-friendly Atlanta thrift store welcomes your furry friends as you browse through trendy apparel, books, art, and other secondhand items. For vintage and collectible lovers, there are figurines, antiques, and even rare sports memorabilia, like a signed basketball from the 1992 Atlanta Hawks team. Second Life also offers an online store with weekly and daily deals, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Find this gem in Avondale Estates.

3. Lost-N-Found Youth Thrift Store: Shopping for a Cause

Supporting a good cause while scoring sweet thrift shop deals—what could be better? Lost-N-Found Youth, a nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness for LGBTQ+ youth, operates one of Atlanta’s finest thrift stores. When you shop here, proceeds from clothing, toys, furniture, and more go towards street outreach, a youth center, and transitional housing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Aside from chic clothing, you’ll discover unique paintings, antique furniture, and vintage home decor items. Find this store in Lumbridge-Martin Manor.

4. Seeds Thrift Store: Equipping for Life

Seeds Thrift Store is an Atlanta thrift shop staple with a noble mission: supporting The HOPE Center to empower pregnant women to choose life. Their staff is friendly and ready to help you unearth your next thrift shop treasure. Inside, you’ll find a clean and organized space filled with men’s and women’s clothing, home goods, baby items, furniture, and more. From statement circular lounge chairs to vibrant jewelry, you’ll discover it all at Seeds Thrift Store, located in Woodstock.

5. Revive Consignment: Where Quality Meets Value

Operated by Jubilee Church, Revive Consignment stands out as one of Atlanta’s high-quality consignment stores. With a vast selection of apparel, high-quality furniture, home goods, footwear, and more, Revive Consignment offers both in-store and online shopping experiences. Whether you’re eyeing a designer Coach bag or a sleek leather six-seat L-bend sectional sofa, you’ll find premium items at budget-friendly prices. You can explore Revive Consignment at multiple locations.

6. Desperate Housewares Atlanta: Vintage and Retro Delights

Desperate Housewares Atlanta may have a playful name, but it’s a serious contender among Atlanta’s furniture thrift stores. If you’re seeking vintage, retro, antique, or unique furniture pieces, this small boutique is a must-visit. The clean and welcoming space is brimming with one-of-a-kind items, whether it’s a 1960s record player or a vintage sky blue velour sofa for your jazz vinyl listening sessions. Desperate Housewares Atlanta awaits you in Marietta.

7. Finders Keepers Consignment: A Fashionista’s Haven

With two award-winning Atlanta consignment stores that have been serving the community for over 30 years, Finders Keepers Consignment is a top destination for fashion-forward thrifters. Specializing in women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories, their hand-picked selection ranges from mid-range brands to designer pieces. Whether you desire chunky silver heels from Gucci or a rare Coach x Pac Man limited edition handbag, you’ll find a plethora of thrift treasures. For furniture and homewares, head southeast to their Avondale “Furnishings” location, conveniently catering to both Claremont Heights and Avondale Estates shoppers.

8. Atlanta Vintage Books: A Literary Oasis

Atlanta Vintage Books proves that vintage stores in Atlanta aren’t limited to clothing and furniture. This independent neighborhood bookstore has been a community staple for over 30 years. Inside, you’ll discover over 5,000 square feet filled with more than 75,000 vintage, collectible, and secondhand books. From first-edition printings by renowned authors like Jack Kerouac to eclectic graphic novels, Atlanta Vintage Books has something for every book lover. Find this literary oasis in Ashford Park.

9. Attic Treasures Thrift Shop: Shopping with Purpose

Attic Treasures Thrift Shop, owned by the Assistance League of Atlanta, is not just a thrift store; it’s a symbol of volunteerism dedicated to serving low-income children. More than 75% of its income is returned to the communities they support, thanks to the efforts of their volunteer team. Inside, you’ll find classic thrift offerings like apparel, home goods, furniture, and accessories. Their online shop features designer and mid-range brand pieces, making it easy to find hidden gems like a new-with-tags Jude Connally floral maxi dress. Get your thrift on in Chamblee.

10. Back By Popular Demand: A Fashionista’s Dream

Back By Popular Demand is a top choice among clothing thrift stores in Atlanta. With two locations offering over 10,000 square feet of women’s tops, outerwear, dresses, jewelry, and accessories, this boutique caters to fashion enthusiasts. If you’ve been yearning for a spacious and stylish Louis Vuitton checkered tote, their authenticated designer selection can make your dream come true. They meticulously curate their inventory with high-quality pieces, including red tweed coats and luxury boots. The friendly staff at BBPD is always ready to assist you, whether you need fashion advice or a second opinion. You can find Back By Popular Demand in Marietta and Lilburn.

11. Treasure Mart: A Trove of Thrift Shop Treasures

True to its name, Treasure Mart offers a trove of thrift shop treasures. This 8,000-square-foot Atlanta consignment store specializes in antique furniture, glassware, light fixtures, and home goods. Their passionate team is eager to help you discover unique items, from Japanese pagoda-inspired end tables to hand-painted floral chalices for toasting your newfound treasures. You’ll find this treasure trove in Chamblee.

12. Fur Kids Thrift Store: Shopping for a Pawsitive Cause

Fur Kids Thrift Stores support the Furkids program, dedicated to providing lifesaving medical care, shelter, and food for animals. With four thrift shops in Atlanta, each offers a unique selection of rustic furniture, clothing, toys, home goods, appliances, and more. While supporting this noble cause, you can also find hidden gems like an understated tan paisley chair and a half ottoman set—just be prepared to gently scoot a few sleepy shop cats off before trying it out. You can also explore their eBay store for convenient online shopping. Locations are spread across the city.

13. Atlanta Used Furniture: Eclectic Delights

Atlanta Used Furniture is a hidden gem among Atlanta thrift stores. This eclectic store is a treasure trove of colorful green sofas, elephant bar carts, and vibrant pieces housed in a massive garage space. Despite its unique offerings, Atlanta Used Furniture is known for its fair prices and welcoming staff. Discover this hidden gem in Capitol View.

Reasons to Shop at Thrift Stores in Atlanta Georgia

Uncover Unique Finds: Atlanta’s thrift stores are treasure troves of one-of-a-kind items waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re searching for vintage clothing, retro furniture, or collectibles, thrift shops in Atlanta offer a wide array of unique finds that add character to your home or wardrobe.

Affordable Shopping: Thrifting in Atlanta is a budget-friendly way to shop. You can score amazing deals on gently used or even brand-new items at a fraction of their original price. From designer clothing to everyday essentials, thrift stores in Atlanta cater to various tastes and budgets.

Sustainable Shopping: Thrift shopping is an eco-conscious choice. By purchasing secondhand items, you contribute to reducing waste and lowering the demand for new products. Thrifting in Atlanta aligns with sustainable living principles, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Support Local Communities: Many thrift stores in Atlanta are run by charitable organizations or local businesses. When you shop at these stores, you directly support the community and contribute to meaningful causes, such as education, healthcare, or animal welfare.

Hidden Gems: Thrifting in Atlanta is like a treasure hunt. You never know what hidden gems you might stumble upon. Whether it’s a vintage vinyl record, a unique piece of artwork, or a retro piece of furniture, thrift stores offer surprises at every turn.

Personal Style Expression: Thrift stores in Atlanta allow you to express your individual style. You can mix and match items to create a personalized look that sets you apart from the mainstream fashion trends. Thrifting empowers you to curate a wardrobe or home decor that reflects your unique personality.

Reduce Fast Fashion Impact: Thrifting is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Instead of supporting the disposable fashion industry, you can shop at thrift stores in Atlanta to extend the lifespan of clothing and reduce the environmental impact of fashion waste.

Community Engagement: Thrift stores in Atlanta often host events, sales, and promotions that bring the community together. It’s a great way to engage with fellow thrift enthusiasts, share shopping tips, and build connections within the city.

Historical and Cultural Significance: Atlanta’s thrift shops sometimes hold hidden pieces of the city’s history and culture. You might find vintage clothing or memorabilia that tells a story about Atlanta’s past, making your thrifted items even more meaningful.

Fun and Adventure: Thrifting in Atlanta is not just about shopping; it’s an adventure. Exploring different thrift stores, haggling for deals, and uncovering unexpected treasures can be an exciting and enjoyable pastime.

In conclusion, thrifting in Atlanta, Georgia, offers a multitude of benefits, from discovering unique items and saving money to supporting sustainability and local communities. So, why not embark on a thrifting adventure and experience these advantages firsthand?

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